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Organic Vermont Maple Sugar - 8 oz

Our organic maple sugar is granulated sugar made from our own organic maple syrup. It's a great replacement for white sugar and can be used in everything from coffee to baking to cocktails. Crafted each spring from maple sap we collect from our mountain sugarbush and boiled over our wood fired evaporator, our organic maple syrup has become known for it’s unique flavor and unrivaled quality. Select batches of our lightest maple syrup are used to produce our organic maple sugar. Every drop of our organic maple syrup is boiled, filtered and crafted into sugar by hand in our sugarhouse and shipped to you for free directly from our farm.

  • 8 oz Glass Jar
  • Certified Organic
  • Hand Crafted in Vermont
  • Boiled with Sustainable Wood Fuel 
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What is Organic Maple Syrup?

That's a question we get all the time and while it is true that all maple syrup is maple tree sap that’s been boiled down to syrup, there are several very important factors that set organic maple syrup apart.

The two largest pieces that are taken into account when certifying maple syrup as organic are forest management practices and food safety. Both of these elements combine to ensure that the certified organic maple syrup you buy has been produced in a manner that is not harmful to the forest ecosystem and is safe to consume.

Obviously, there is a lot that goes into producing maple syrup whether its conventional or organic, but organic producers invite an extra layer of scrutiny, effort, cost and documentation to ensure that the product the customer buys has been produced in a way that takes into account the effects we have on the forest ecosystem while also maintaining a clean food production facility and preventing contamination. There’s certainly nothing inherently wrong with conventional organic maple syrup, but the inspection and oversight of an organic operation brings the maple syrup production process out of the dark and assures the consumer that the product is safe and was produced responsibly.

Our Pledge:

The long term success of our maple sugaring operation is dependent on the health and viability of the maple trees we tap. We pledge to adhere to the most stringent science-based forest management and tapping practices available and use renewable resources to boil sap into maple syrup.