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5 Frame Nucleus Colony (Deposit for Spring 2020)

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If you're interested in keeping bees, here's your chance! These 5 frame nucleus colonies (or nucs for short) are made up in mid-summer with 5 frames of brood and honey and a queen raised by us. We overwinter all our nucs in Vermont and in the spring we evaluate each surviving colony and sell a select handful to customers on our list.

Since we can not guarantee winter survival of all our colonies we operate on a first come first serve basis and those who don't get their nucs the first year will be at the top of the list for the following spring. Pick up only in early May in Goshen, VT.  

We require a 50% deposit to have your name added to our Nuc List. The full price of a nuc is $200 - by purchasing this item you are agreeing to pay an additional $100 when you pick up your nuc.