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Vermont Maple Syrup

Forest management and sustainability are at the heart of our organic sugaring operation. We take tremendous pride in the stewardship of our forests and in return our maple trees reward us with some of the most unique tasting maple syrup available.

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Vermont Raw Honey

Unlike the vast majority of commercial apiaries in the United States, we choose to not treat our bees with chemicals, miticides or antibiotics. Instead, we rely on our queen breeding program to nurture healthy, productive bees that in turn produce our unique raw honey.

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Vermont Hat
Republic Of Vermont Trucker Hat

Republic Of Vermont Trucker Hat

Get ready for summer with the new Republic Of Vermont Trucker Hat! Handcrafted for us by Queen City Dry Goods in Burlington, VT., the handsome leather patch is sewn to an organic cotton and recycled polyester hat. Super comfortable, breathable and eye catching. USA made!

Available in Pacific Blue/Oyster 

Who We are

Beekeeping and maple sugaring are both central to the strong tradition of small-scale, sustainable agriculture in Vermont. Republic of Vermont honors this legacy by producing unrivaled certified organic maple syrup, maple sugar and treatment free, raw honey. We are a husband and wife team with an unyielding passion for the fields and forests of Vermont and the continued success and productivity of the trees and bees we work with. Thank you for supporting a small, Vermont family-run agricultural business in a landscape that often values scale over quality.

our pledge

The vast majority of commercial apiaries in the United States use chemical treatments on their bees to reduce parasite levels and fight disease. We pledge to never treat our bees with these harmful chemicals and instead rely on our queen breeding program to promote stronger, healthier bees.

The long term success of our maple sugaring operation is dependent on the health and viability of the maple trees we tap. We pledge to adhere to the most stringent science-based forest management and tapping practices available and use renewable resources to boil sap into maple syrup.  

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